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Our Background

BIKETECH was founded in 1988, the rise of global cycling. We have been assisting brands from the western countries to develop, produce, and sell products from Taiwan. We have extensive knowledge in bicycle parts manufacturing, with a primary focus on spoke and wheel technology. 

BIKETECH keeps monitoring the quality consistency in production and supply chains to ensure high-quality and fulfill customers stringent performance requirements.

“Creating an exceptional riding experience” is our commitment. How to meet our high quality standards is what drives Biketech.

KTM Rear wheel supermoto 800 min

2016 - Motocross

Diversifying into the Motorbike Sector

In 2016, BikeTech determined that numerous bicycle enthusiasts are also motorbike riders, this is particularly true for MTB where there is a lot of crossover with Motocross. 

Given that motorcycles used in such terrains face tougher challenges, there’s a heightened expectation for better quality.

As the two areas are so technologically similar we have been able to adapt our expertise to expand our product offerings into this new market segment.


2018 - New Brand

Expanding into the Motorcycle Industry

In 2018, Biketech marked a significant achievement with the introduction of REVV, a new chapter in its long-standing history of manufacturing. This accomplishment was a result of transparent dialogue with our clientele, the introduction of groundbreaking ideas, and streamlined development processes.

Upholding high standards of quality remains the unwavering philosophy of our business leader, David Kho.

Mountain Bike Hub Set MX-HG-ORANGE

2023 – New SRS Technology

Revving Up the Bicycle Industry

BIKETECH has developed the high-efficiency SRS, a patented ratchet system. SRS technology is the foundation of our new brand – REVV, which made its debut in 2023 EUROBIKE, aiming to give riders more enjoyable experiences. 


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